FAQs About Custom Orders

Do you make custom furniture?

Our craftsmen take pride in their work and are honored to work on custom pieces as time allows. We are available for custom work and enjoy helping our clients dreams become reality. Email us with your questions – info@ngtradingco.com

How long does it take to make custom furniture?

Each piece we make is unique and hand-crafted. The first step is to contact us regarding your design, size and wood preferences. We mill and kiln dry our own wood so actual timing will be based upon wood availability.

What do you require to get the project going?

We require 1/2 down to start your project. Upon completion, the remainder is due in order for you to take it home.

Will my custom piece be made locally and from locally-sourced materials?

YES! All our products are made by our talented craftsmen in our local shop in TN, using locally sourced materials

Can you deliver to my home?

We can. If you live in the Nashville area, our delivery fee is $100. If you live further out, we can give you a new estimate based on the gas mileage and distance. If you live out of state, we can still get your furniture to you by shipping it freight. We will need your zip code in order to give you a complete estimate, but it typically ranges $250-450.

I found a photo of something I really like- can you replicate it?

Often times we can,depending on the design. Some designs are specific to certain designers and it's not our practice to reproduce their exact designs. In most cases, we can use that photo as inspiration to create a beautiful custom piece for you. Please let us know what elements you like about that piece - wood type, overall style, materials, and our designers can come up with a unique design for you.We always want to bring you something that's heirloom-quality, tailored to your taste, and truly unique.

All custom sales are final. Please read our Terms & Conditions to learn more. Email or call us to begin the conversation info@ngtradingco.com 615-236-9156