Narrow Gate Trading Co. – Leatherwood Forge Furniture

Furniture Care & Warranty

Congratulations on your furniture purchase! We are honored to provide you with one of our organically elegant pieces to compliment your space. This care sheet includes information about wood, metal, how to care for your new furniture, warranty information.

What to Expect from Wood

Wood is a natural material, which means it can shrink and swell with the seasons for its entire life. It is important to control the environment of your furniture to the best of your ability. Make sure not to expose your piece to temperature and humidity extremes. Do not expose your furniture to direct sunlight, or to direct heat sources. Such exposure may result in small cracks. Wood tops, panels and joints will move slightly depending on the season and levels of humidity in your home.

Solid wood material may change color over time due to normal exposure to UV light. If your furniture must be placed near a window, consider a window treatment that will protect the piece. The lighter the finish, the more vulnerable it is to natural darkening. It would be wise to periodically move décor around on the surface of the wood to avoid permanent silhouettes appearing.

Our pieces feature the natural beauty and characteristics inherent in wood, which include variations in texture, color, grain patterns, occasional knots, voids, and small cracks or checks. These are not defects, but rather unique features that make your furniture piece a one of a kind conversation piece. Each piece tells the story of the tree and its environment and that it was not a product of mass production in a nameless factory overseas.

How to Care for Your Furniture

To preserve the beauty and luster of your new piece, proper care and maintenance is required. It is important that you use the correct techniques and tools to ensure that the piece is cleaned appropriately without damaging the wood. We use quality finishes to show off the natural beauty of the wood and protect its surface, but care is required not to damage it.

Invest in a wood cleaner that is consists of natural ingredients and is free of any harmful chemicals. Look for something that is eco-friendly and safe for use. Use only soft sponges, towels, etc. Avoid abrasive cleaners or abrasive pads.

Removing food and liquid spills from the surfaces as quickly as possible will help avoid staining, drying, cracking, and warping. Be sure not to place hot plates or pans directly on the surface of the furniture, as this can create dark markings. Use soft, slightly dampened cloth to clean, and then thoroughly dry the surface by wiping it with a dry, soft cloth.

Leatherwood Forge Furniture Warranty

We fully stand behind our furniture. We warrant that all furniture products be free from manufacturing defects for one calendar year, as long as the furniture is used for its intended purpose and has not been damaged by inappropriate use or abuse. Should service under this warranty be needed, the purchaser must contact NGTC regarding the service(s) needed, with photos to accompany.

At our discretion, NGTC will repair or replace items that we deem to be damaged due to a manufacturing defect. Delivery of the item to NGTC and shipment back to the customer is the responsibility of the customer. Should one of our pieces require repair after the first year, please first contact NGTC via email with pictures and explanation, and we will determine how to proceed. If we are able to repair the item, any costs for labor and materials will be the responsibility of the purchaser.

This warranty does not cover damages should they result from neglect, abuse, natural material changes, damage or wear to mechanical parts, insect damage, normal wear and tear, exposure to extremes in temperature or humidity, movement due to humidity, water damage, fading or discoloration, scratches, blemishes in wood, unauthorized repairs, alterations, or breakage of items. If it is found that it is not covered under the warranty, NGTC may be able to repair the item at the responsibility of the purchaser. Purchaser/owner will be responsible for all costs to deliver the item to NGTC, and for NGTC to repair or replace the product, and all costs to deliver or ship the product to the purchaser.