Organic elegance that fits your style!

Each piece is uniquely designed and handcrafted to last a lifetime, featuring the natural stunning beauty of wood combined with leather and metal accents. You get a truly one-of-a-kind piece for your one-of-a-kind style!

Our Collections

Rainy River Collection - $1800 - $1950
Redemption Collection - $1400 - $1750
Factory Collection - $2400 - $2900
Pillars Collection - $1400 - $1900
Saddle Collection - $1450 - $2300
Forge Collection - $1500 - $1950
Timber Collection - $1250 - $1400

Narrow Gate Trading Co. is not your average woodworking operation.

We are a team of passionate and skilled makers harvesting local timbers to design and create unique, quality furnishings. Like the wood we mill, our team is comprised of gifted young men who have gone through a unique process of their own, the Narrow Gate Lodge discipleship program. Narrow Gate exists for the sole purpose of taking young men who have struggled to find their place in this world, and through community and discipline, lead them into finding their own identity and purpose. In our workshop, relationships, character, responsibility, compassion and confidence are being built… and we’re also crafting high-quality furniture in the process. When you purchase a piece of Narrow Gate Trading Co. furniture, you’re not only investing in quality workmanship, but also in the lives of these young men.

It’s furniture with a purpose.