Our Story


In October 2006, Narrow Gate Lodge moved onto the property affectionately known as Leatherwood Forge. The property has a rich history of significance. In the 1930's Leatherwood was a small rural community complete with a general store, churches, a school, gristmills, saw mills and a blacksmith shop. The community blacksmith shop was once located at the entrance to Narrow Gate's property. Today, the young men of Narrow Gate Lodge are excited to be bringing craftsmanship back to the property. They spend time in our craftsman grade shops learning how to work with Leather, Wood and Forging... hence the name Leatherwood Forge. Our passion for wood, metal, and leather became the product foundation for Narrow Gate Trading Co (previously Narrow Gate Artisans), which was launched in 2013 as a non-profit LLC, wholly owned by the Narrow Gate Foundation.

Our Mission

We equip the next generation to serve God in the marketplace as craftsmen and leaders. Our marketing and sales support the Narrow Gate Foundation. Our products made of wood, leather, and metal represent raw materials which have been transformed into vessels of usefulness and beauty - just like the young men who participate in the Narrow Gate Lodge experience. More info.

Our Products

We are committed to the highest levels of craftsmanship and materials. Our artisans are gifted and trained to produce beautiful and useful products, handcrafted to last a lifetime. Most of our wood products are made from American hardwoods, including walnut, maple, and cherry. Most of our leather products are made from premium full-grain hides sourced in the USA. Our production facility is in historic Franklin, Tennessee, where we embrace and teach the spirit of rugged, American quality and design. We are proud and grateful to live and work in such a beautiful community that fosters the time-honored values of faith, excellence, quality, hard work, and craftsmanship.