The Golden Rules of Leather Care

When you invest in a high quality leather item, you want to make sure that you can care for and preserve its beauty for years to come. We hope that by sharing a few simple tips that we have learned along the way, you will experience a lifetime of use and love for your leather! 


It’s important to start with clean hands when handling your leather. Leather is susceptible to absorbing oil and grease, so you want to start with a clean slate. If you’re looking for a quick solution that you can do often, you can gently sweep your leather with a soft, dry, or damp cloth. Be careful not to use too much water! 


At least twice a year, you want to apply leather conditioner to keep your item soft and supple. This will prevent any flaking or cracking on the surface. Before you condition your item, spot test it in a hidden spot to make sure that the conditioner won’t darken your leather. We love the Bick 4 Conditioner!


Make sure that you store your leather products in a cool, dry, and covered place. Storing your items in direct sunlight and heat can result in drying your leather out. If you are storing a leather bag, you can maintain its shape by stuffing it with bubble wrap or parchment paper!


By following these golden rules, you will feel like you just bought your leather product yesterday, everyday.

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